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How Easy And How Difficult It Is To Get A Dream Job

How easy and how difficult it is to get a dream job

There is a lot of difference between difficult and easy words, but making difficulty easy depends only on our hard work. You can, of course, do whatever your partner is doing or a successful person is doing. All you need is encouragement and The whole life of believing in yourself will go out if you just think, not just think, but also work for it If you want to make the difficult easy, then you have to make some unwavering vows by yourself which have been taught to us in a very small class.

Kaak cheshta bako dhyanam.
Swan nindra tathaiwa cha
Swalpahari, grihtyaagi,
Vidyarthi panch lakshnam.

Kaag Chesta (Perseverance of a Crow), Bako Dhyanam (Concentration of a Swan), Shwan Nindra (Light Sleeper like a Dog), Alp-ahari (Light Eater), Grih Tyagi (Less involvement in Home matters). It is easy to understand. But it is very difficult to follow. Whoever has done it. He is successful.

I heard many people say so that you spend some time in the field of education. Slightly sacrifice yourself in the five student signs. Surely you can live your life ahead in prosperity and happiness.
But only a few people know this. Our life is full of problems. Be it family or financial problem. All this distracting us during our studies. You have to rise above all these problems With this you have to leave yourself completely out. We have to focus on the subject of making the future good. The only dream is to change what is going on today. That's because if you get lost in today, then tomorrow will be like today and your future generation will also suffer from it.

Therefore, prepare ourselves for the time to come, there are so many examples that we can keep in mind that can show us the path as a source of inspiration.

You must have known about Swami Vivekananda or you have read about him, you must have also read about another great person of our India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Ji and if you did not read about them, then definitely read about both of them. Both those great people were not from any royal line or rich family but their identity is above that of the rich people today.

There are many examples that will tell you that knowledge arises not from money but from the chesta of mind. If your desire power is punished and you want to move on from your present, then nothing can stop you from succeeding.

Those who think or say that we are born in a middle-class family, what can we do? So I would like to tell you that Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Ji was also born in a medium class family and had five siblings in the family. The condition of his house was not very good. His father used to give fishermen's boats on rent. His family has also struggled for two meals. Kalam Ji's primary education took place in the primary school of Panchayat of Rameswara, but even after that, he came out of the struggle with his life and circumstances and became a great personality. Today, the whole world knows him as Missile Men, he was the eleventh elected President of our country of India. today he noted as a renowned scientist and engineer (engineer). His thoughts still inspire the younger generation to move forward.
Your talent is not a slave to your odd circumstances, grow it, the world will know you.
I wrote all these things for this So that I can awaken your confidence in your self. Getting a job is really a difficult task but not too hard to make our faith stagger. A little hard work and dedication make everything easy. We just try to do it and move ahead with determination in our mind, I believe that the success will kiss your footsteps.
Question yourself with a calm mind and ask yourself the answer, you will surely get an answer. And it will change your future. This is not my opinion, it is the opinion of those who are immortal and immense in history today.

A poet has written some beautiful words.

1. The floor will be found right after wandering.
Misguided are those who do not come out of the house.

Wake up the courage inside. Suppose competition is very high in competition exams. But differentiating themselves from others, we can get our own place in that queue.

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