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How to deal with depression

How to deal with depression 

As technology advanced it created a lot of energy and time-saving equipment but this advancement has given rise to a fuss in life. Depression is one of the major and common illness which is related to the mental health of a person. It can be due to many causes. The main cause is considered as psychosocial factors. This can be a genetic illness also. 


1. Insomnia:- this means that the ill person will either face difficulty in sleeping or will sleep excessively.

2. Feeling of sadness:- the person cannot feel positive in life he has a loss of interest in everything in his or her daily life.

3. Lack of concentration:- focusing on important issues like work and job becomes tougher for people undergoing depression.

4. Suicidal and self-harming thoughts:- there is always a train of negative thoughts coming in the minds of depressed people they harm themselves.

5. Anxiety:- the feeling of restlessness and an increase in a heartbeat due to depressed thoughts and thinking. 

Treatments of depression:- 

1. Medical treatment:- the first way to treat and cure depression is to take the help of a good psychotherapist. There are several well-known anti-depressants and this is called drug treatment. These medicines help in slowing down the anxiety and relieves restlessness.

2. Care and support:- family of the patient along with the friends should try to build up a support system and create an environment of love and concern by initiation talks and entertaining activities. This will help in diverting the minds of the depressed person to a positive environment.

3. Visit a counselor:- a counselor will help in talking and this has been a scientifically proven way to easy out the depression and gives relaxation to the patient by being a good listener and a helping hand. 

Strategies to the self- treatment of depression:- 

1. A healthy diet:- a nutritive diet with minerals, proteins, fat, carbohydrates, etc will help in maintaining the physically draining health of the patient. This will help in energizing the body to work. 

2. Get a good daily routine:- a proper and well settled up routine will help in getting back to normal life and also improve the condition physically and mentally. 

3. Exercising:- Exercising is an important factor in maintaining a fit and healthy body as depression mainly affects the health of a patient physically. 

4. Watch funny T.V shows or movies:- it is an effective tool in reminding the mind again that it can feel happy again by bringing a smile and will make you feel happy. 

5. Socializing:- making new friends and going out on a vacation is never a bad idea this will help out in bringing up a happy mood. 

6. Sleep well:- a better and proper sleeping pattern of 8 hrs is very important for a healthy body and mind. 

7. Develop a hobby:- do whatever happy, there several hobbies that can be developed like learning dance, music, yoga, cooking, sports, etc. 

8. Try to think positive:- at last, it is very important to distance yourself from negativity and a negative environment.

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