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Best way to prepare for the examination

Best way to prepare for the examination

As soon as we fill the form we start to think about how to prepare for the exam and how to get the syllabus of the exam all these thoughts initially come to our mind, because after filling the form in a very few days we get the exam date therefore, we get a very few time to prepare for our exam.
Consequently, we are required to complete our syllabus in a very short period for which we have to work “tooth and nail”.What we need is a study plan by which we can easily complete our syllabus in time before and better than other students.

First of all, I would like to mention a few things that you should have before preparing for any exam.

1. Full syllabus of the exam.
2. All the books related to the exam.
3. Old Exam papers or previous few years of exam papers.
4. Solved exam papers. 

After this you should go through the syllabus carefully and point out what are the topics which will be asked in the exam,pattern of the exam like how many questions will come from each that you make sure what and how much you have to study then buy the books and if you already own them then its good.

Then make a chart and paste it on the wall of your study room,on which all the topics are mentioned.mark the topic from you are starting your preparation,make one one more chart and paste it on your wall in which you should write about your daily tasks and your progress and your doubts and some other important things such as in mathematics, you can write some important formulas.

You can also use the internet to further strengthen your topics. I would like to suggest a scientifically proven technique to remember G.K, G.A, G.S it is known as the Five days rule.
It is,
1.whatever you study on the very first day revise it the next day.
2.then again revise it after 7th days.
3. at 21st day.
4.on 90th day.

For example, if you have studied something on 1st January then revise it on 2nd January then again revise it on 7th January then again revise on 21st January then after ( 90th) day 30th March Make a similar schedule for all the topics that you are studying every day. Also, remember to make a tally about how many times you have revised your topics so that you can always know which topic to study on a particular day.

Besides this, you can also try to remember different topics by linking it with the things in your surroundings, movie characters, etc. For example, if we want to remember the seven colors of a rainbow we use ”VIBGYOUR’ and to remember planets we use ”my very excellent mother just sent us nuts” in this manner the 7 colors and 8 planets can be remembered order wise. There are a lot of short tricks to remember different things for your exam.

As written above, if there is anything that you are unable to understand on your own then you can use youtube or google.


One more important thing is that you should always have self-confidence and also try to keep your mind stable and imagine that your dreams have come true. This will help you in giving your 100% and will also keep you motivated and dedicated in you’re your preparation.
Always keep a check whether your preparation is going in the right direction or not? For this purpose, you can solve previous year question papers, apply for online mock test and also solve the set papers.

Online mock test:-

There are some coaching institutes which offer online mock test series which are just like the original examination also they show you your performance as compared to your competitors.

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