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Meditation, yoga asanas and its miraculous benefits for students

Meditation, yoga asanas and its miraculous benefits for students

All the students taking part in the competitive exams should include yoga asana and meditation in their daily routine,meditation has a lot of benefits such as it makes our nerves and mind calm and at the same time increases our concentration whereas yoga asanas help to make the body physically fit.

If we see this in a way where you are hard-working continuously then it will tire both your body as well as mind and you would want to take some rest in the same way when you study your brain and your body gets exhausted and you feel the need to take a break the best way to take a break is meditation.everyday during the morning and the evening you should meditate for half an hour along with this you should also do some yoga asanas in the morning by doing this your physical and mental state will get better and better and you will also be able to concentrate on your studies.

Now some people will think why meditation is very important ?? then the answer to this question then if we look at this in a spiritual way then during ancient times students used to do meditation before studying. the meaning of meditation itself is to focus the mind getting rid of all the thoughts and attaining a state of zero is is believed that in a single minute there are thousands of thoughts in our mind till the time we sleep, and to control this meditation is the best way, especially for the students.
There are two states of mind these are conscious and sub-conscious mind when we are awake conscious mind works and when we sleep the sub-conscious mind works both of these states' work endlessly.
Therefore it can be said that the brain and mind are continuously working together and hence they need rest just like a human body after getting tired so that it can work properly.
Be it a student or any other person he should meditate until you don’t give rest to your brain you cannot expect good outcomes, therefore, it becomes necessary for a student to meditate regularly.
The second question is how to learn meditation? if you will search on the internet then you will find a number of meditation centers around you and to select the best among them you can ask a bunch of people around you. I follow the heartfulness meditation technique and the procedure to join it is very easy just search on google's heartfulness meditation center” call on the number is given then they will send a preceptor to you who will teach you everything in 3 days, then follow the explained practice twice a day. You will observe that your mind will become focused and clear.

I am sure that you would have heard or read about Swami Vivekanand Ji he was a very wise and intelligent man who made India proud during his America visit,he was and is respected everywhere in this world because of his productive thoughts even the great scientist Nicola testa once visited him.
You will be amazed to know that it was through yoga and meditation that he was able to reach up to that level, his memory was so sharp that he could remember any number of books along with what is written on which page.

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