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Unemployment and increasing competition

Unemployment and increasing competition

our country's Unemployment and increasing competition have become a menace which is affecting the youth of our country to a greater extent. the future of the degree holders is under stake. where in the field of education our country has enhanced the level of education in every state. there started an issue of unemployment has aroused .it is not like the government hasn’t tried to tackle this Unemployment problem and find a solution for this huge problem but all those efforts turned out to be a dead letter.
From middle to higher secondary education institutions are established in the cities as well as villages. we can say schools are built in both rural and urban areas. a lot of funds from governments are also disbursed for their maintenance. the main question after completing the education arises about the job opportunity. After pursuing degrees, they roam around places to places to find an income source that is a job. Some get succeeded and others fail and lose hopes. Many times they take wrong steps In life. so the question is what is Unemployment and increasing competition?

Types of unemployment:- Basically, there are two types of unemployment. they are mentioned below,

1. Rural unemployment:-

Since independence it is believed that the real India exists in the villages.they are the spirits of the nations. all the vegetables, milk, fruits and other foodstuffs are cultivated by the farmers only.in other words, it can be well said that we are absolutely dependent on the farmers for our daily basic necessities. the increasing population and family extensions have given rise to the division of property due to inheritance.the cultivating fields are getting smaller and smaller from generations to generations.ths has also impacted the income level adversely.along with this because minimum level of development of farmers and less availability of technological advancements, the lack of production of crops is also increasing unemployment among the cultivators.due to this reasons the people from rural areas are migrating to the urban areas I search of getting employment opportunities. the second prime minister of India Very well quoted 
“Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”The only aim behind this was to enhance the production and to provide better facilities to the farmers in order to increase4 the employment possibilities.so that our farmers don’t have to live in the worst circumstances.

2. Urban unemployment:-

Rural and urban unemployment are indirectly linked to each other.where in cities the degree holders are struggling to find a job opportunity, the rural population is also migrating to urban areas due to lack of cultivating and scarcity of money. the population of the country is increasing at an alarming rate that even after graduating from high ranked institutions, people have to struggle door in every company and industry. the number of unemployed degree holders is increasing nat a greater pace every year as only about half of the educated youth is able to get a job.in middle-class families, this problem is a common persistence. the same condition exists in the private sector also.thousands of people apply for a single post and these companies hire only a few on a less paid remuneration.they take immense advantage of their unemployment.even after spending lakhs of money to gain degrees there are no job possibilities for a career.

Reason for unemployment

1. Population growth:-

The population is increasing in an explosive manner.in a population of 1.25 crores, the number of vacancies is very less. despite this condition, our country is still developing. Due to corruption and directionless politics, unemployment, poverty, starvation did not leave the country in the last 65 to 70 years. Only the governments of promises came and went. With employment Basic essential item which is useful in daily life. They have the same situation also. The level of unemployment and poverty is continuously increasing If the country's population increases in the same way, then the situation may become even more tragic. The current government should take concrete steps for population control as soon as possible. So that the coming generations can get rid of these problems.

2. Mechanization:- 

 Science has made great progress in the last several decades and has touched a new dimension of heights. We have reached the moon. This is possible with only the given technology of science. Be it a computer, be a field of information technology or a means of transport Science delivered machines in every field. Where it has increased facilities and time has been put to good use, due to the same mechanization, there has also been a lack of employment. Earlier, 10 people were required to do the work, today a machine is doing the same work in less time and less peso. It has also made a significant impact.

3. Education system:- 

The education system of our country seems to be very backward, which gives us only literacy In today's machine age, education including testing of skill and technique is necessary. where We are being provided only simple and literary education on the structure of education composed by Macaulay. Who is deprived of experiments and training? Even in technical education, we are taught and explained only the theoretical aspect. Experimental or practicality aspect is ignored This is why we only want to get jobs after getting higher education. Because we have only been educated, if we are taught, maybe we can start something new and work on our own. But all the young men of today end their education and join the race for jobs. Due to this method of education, today's youth only wants to do Clean and tidy work. This is the reason that if recruitment comes out in one post in a department, then hundreds of applications are made for that one post. Many intellectuals believe that there should be a change in our education system as per the time, it should be practical and training rather than ordinary and literary. So that the right motive for being educated can come out.

4. The slow growth of the country:- 

An important cause of unemployment The country's slow growth or lack of growth is also. From the independence of the country, a lot of effective efforts have been made so far, but the rate of development has always been lower than the estimated figures of the schemes. Employment opportunities can usually be improved only by the growth rate. Our country is a developing country even after 70 years of independence. The policies and schemes brought by the government seem to fail in solving all these problems. Therefore, plans have to be made better and effective so that their results can look better in the coming times.

5. Backward agricultural systems:- 

We all know that 70% of the country's population is clearly or implicitly associated with agriculture and rural areas. The slow growth and unemployment of our country are also due to the backward agricultural system. Where so vast improvement has been made in technology, even today, agriculture is being done in the traditional way in rural areas. Basic requirements of agriculture like electricity, water, fertilizer, seeds, etc. are not being received not right and properly by farmers and even if it is happening so that Farmers do not know the right knowledge or technique of modern farming. Due to which the production is decreased by the labor and cost involved in it, Hence farmer is being suppressed by debt. It is not that the government has not made efforts in the field of agriculture and for the uplift of agriculture. Or if we see in the present time, a lot of schemes have been implemented for the farmers to fix their farming system. But there is a need to make all these systems more modern so that agriculture can get a new dimension in the agrarian country.

6. The slow growth of industries:- 

Industrialization can solve the problem of unemployment to a large level . Industries generate new employment opportunities, so existing industries should be developed and new industrial units should also be opened. So that employment opportunities arise and workers can get daily labor work. With that, there should be the development of the presently running industries like iron metal industry, power generation, security industry, chemical, and nuclear industry, etc. And new plants should be established which is very important for the employment and development of the country. Apart from this, industries that are outdated and expensive and flawed. They should be improved and re-operated.

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