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Article 370 and 35A now a history

Article 370 and 35A now a history

India is a democratic and secular country. It is well established by the framers of the Indian constitution in the called preamble which is the spirit of constitution. After Indian independence, the visionary and pioneer Indian politician whose aim was to integrate the country as a whole it was known as the dream of AKHAND BHARAT that is united India.

History of the border state Jammu Kashmir- Maharaja Hari Singh, when attacked by Pakistan, asked the help of India troops and army and finally merged as a part of India. Jammu and Kashmir have always been a subject of dispute between India and Pakistan. 

The government of India while Dr. Jawaharlal Nehru as the first prime minister, rendered a status of special state by allowing it to have a separate and distinct constitution the constitution has a separate chapter as temporary, transitional and special provisions. 

This article gave special rights regarding the acquisition and ownership of property, employment scholarship rights. These privileges have become a bone in the neck of India, which could not be swallowed nor vomited. The gradual and continuous border attacks and terrorism activities increased rapidly after independence and continued for 72 years creating an environment of terror and was un-safety many soldiers martyred daily on the constant attacks from Pakistan. 

This was only because the central government could not interfere and intervene in the matters of the state due to the persistence of Article-370 and Article-35A. 

Thus the government of India revoked Article-370 and Article-35A in August 2019 by presidential order and passage of a resolution in parliament. This will increase the control of the central government over the matters of defense, employment, commerce.

The scrapping of this article is very beneficiary for India for example. 

1. Employment opportunities:- as other citizens of the country can also buy land in the state, the investment will rapidly increase employment opportunities for the youth of Kashmir. 

2. Control of terrorism:- the most important and prominent advantage of this abrogation is that the central government can take direct and strategic decisions to take complete control of terrorism creating a safe and protective state environment. 

3. Women get freedom from 370:- no loss of hereditary property on marrying a non-citizen of Kashmir. Before scrapping of article 370 Any woman residence of Kashmir if marries a resident of another state than Kashmir, she could not claim her right to inheritance in Kashmir. Now After the scrapping of article-370. A woman will get a right to inheritance even after getting married. 

4. Uniformity will be established:- the fuss of separate and distinct constitutions used to create confusion. Now the policy of ‘one nation’ one constitution’’ applies with one national flag. 

5. The privileges of national schemes will reach to Kashmiris:- this will increase the development and advancements in both infrastructure and industrial sector. Thus scrapping and abrogation of Article 370 and 35A is a landmark decision of the Indian government.

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