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How to improve English

How to improve English 

The English language is not merely a language it is although Imeged as the most used language on every continent. It is the working language between the international relations countries with different languages that can communicate easily through English. It has become the lingua franca in all fields like business, entertainment, science and technology it has established its prominence globally.

It has dominance all over the world. Thus learning English has become an integral part of the education system of many countries.

Have a lock at the useful tips to improve and develop your English speaking skills.

1. Read English newspapers, journal books:- reading literature helps in enhancing vocabulary. Many news words of the language can be learned in this way. Books should be selected according to your level of grasping. 

2. Watch English TV movies, shows, and series:- not only reading but watching and listening to English will clarify the correct pronunciation of words. Formation of correctly formed sentences with appropriate grammar is a basic speaking skill that can be improved in this way. 

3. Use English in daily spoken language:- this simple way helps to gain confidence and fluency while speaking. Speaking English without stammering resembles confidence within oneself. This leaves an astounding impression on others. 

4. Learn grammar:- grammar is the basic soul of every language. Without proper understanding and grammatical learning, it is impossible to speak and write any language. Therefore it is mandatory to learn adjectives, nouns, pronouns, conjunctions, interjections, etc forms of the words transforming sentences into past, present and future tense would help to a great extent. 

5. Keep an eye on punctuation:- wrong punctuation can change the meaning of your sentences. 

6. Use internet sources:- there are many online English learning articles, blogs, and websites that work as a personal tutor to educate English in an uncomplicated manner. 

7. Keep a personal diary to write down new words:- keep a track of enhancing vocabulary. Write down every word with its general meaning to have a better understanding. 

8. Practicing:- it is the key to have perfection in writing, reading and speaking the language. The human mind has a tendency to forget learned things after a few days. So it is very important to revise and revise your learnings from time to time. 

9. Speak to yourself or maybe while looking into the mirror:- try expressing yourself while having a discussion with yourself. This will definitely help you to find out your errors and mistakes. 

10. Relax:- everything takes time don’t panic and have patience while learning any new thing. English is a vast language and it cant be learned in a day or two but requires a hard-work of years to expertise it.


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